Update 2021-11-19-

Fixed Bugs:

  1. Christmas tree lock up when loading into the main menu and loading back into another save file. 
  2. Broken Main Menu functionality. 
  3. Ability to get out of bounds by drilling into certain points or corners. 
  4. Inconsistency and dysfunctionality of the burrow dash exit. 
  5. Pause menu controller support not working
  6. game over controller support not working
  7. Attack's not always registering. 
  8. Broken screen shake. 

Things Added: 

  1. All geometry for the v-slice is finished.
  2. Slide ability
  3. Burrow dash exit. 
  4. New abandoned half of Geocress. 
  5. Finalized map for V-Slice
  6. Punch Soundfx 
  7. Money
  8. More rooms now have art. 
  9. Changes to some room design to encourage certain types of thought reactions
  10. Map makers to tell you what's where. 
  11. Gallery (work in progress) 
  12. Money can be saved to your save file. 
  13. Functional pause screen. 
  14. exit to desktop button on main menu
  15. functional game over screen
  16. Cool lighting stuff. 


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Nov 19, 2021

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